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Different Types of Advertising

Marketing a product or service requires advertising. An advertisement is meant to promote the brand to consumers who will be persuaded into purchasing the product. Advertising is essential in marketing a product or service. However, there are many methods of advertising and the marketer must decide on the most lucrative method for his/her product or service. There are a number of advertising methods. This essay is about these different types of advertising.

Print advertising is the most common form of advertising. Print advertising can appear on newspapers, banners, flyers, newsletter and magazines just to name a few. Print advertising has been around for many decades and is probably the oldest method of advertising. It was, until the internet and television, the most effective method of advertising. Print advertising reaches a large consumer base and, as such, even now, remains quite popular. It is advantageous in that it reaches a targeted audience and is cost-effective. However, due to online advertising, print advertising is not doing quite as well as it used to in the past.

Guerilla advertising is another method of “in your face” marketing. This type of advertising is extremely cost-effective and can be seen just about anywhere. Guerilla advertising is more about being in the right place at the right time. This method of advertising usually targets any one at any time. For example, everyone will remember the advertisement for sanitary napkins in the gas station toilet. This typing of advertising relies on word of mouth, graffiti, flyer postings and sticker bombs. The advantages of guerilla advertising are it is extremely cost-effective and increases brand value. The disadvantages are it is a risk, causes negative judgment and advertising may not work.

Broadcast advertising is advertising a product or service via television or radio. This is the most lucrative method of generating revenues for these media. Advertising via broadcast advertising depends on the length of the advertisement, the duration of the advertisement and the time it is aired. This is a costly affair especially with television. Before the advertisement can be aired, it has to be produced. It takes significant time to produce a television advertisement although not as much time may go into the production of a radio advertisement. These methods of advertising are still the most powerful methods of advertising and it is effective as it reaches a wide audience. However, broadcast advertising requires careful consideration when producing as, most often, it may not deliver the intended message to the audience. Broadcast advertising is extremely costly and cannot be changed once done unlike print advertising.

Product placement advertising is another method of advertising. This is a method of advertising a product or service within a context of a program or movie. For example, the child holding a can of Coca Cola is advertising the drink without saying anything about it. Most often, these products or services advertised through these means are paid for by the main companies. Although effective to some degree, product placement advertising may not catch the attention the marketer hopes for. This is the risk the marketer takes.

The type of advertising used for a product or service depends on many factors. All these factors should be taken into consideration when deciding on the most effective type of advertising for the product or service.