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The Importance of Good Mental Health

Many of us think about our physical health, but never really think about our mental health. As with physical health, mental health too is very important. A healthy body is useless without a healthy mind. Life can be enjoyed and problems managed with good mental health. Good mental health provides a feeling of well-being and gives us strength to face any odds. Physical health is looked after by eating the right foods and exercising. The same is applicable to keeping a healthy mind.

Nutrition is crucial to keeping the mind healthy. The foods consumed can have a direct effect on energy levels and physical and mental health. This requires a healthy diet plan. A healthy diet consists of various essential nutrients. This can come from various food groups. This diet has just the right amount of calories to ensure a healthy weight and has very little salt, sugar and fat. The body can stay healthy by providing it food that gives steady energy. Feeling energized helps to make the mind feel good. There are various vitamins and minerals that fight ill health of the mind. For example, vitamin B12, calcium, folate, iron and omega-3 are known to fight symptoms of depression. Consuming foods high in these essential nutrients just may prevent the onset of depression. Of course, the same foods do not agree with every person. We are all different. So, one food group that works for one individual will not necessarily work for another.

Regular exercise too is vital for physical and mental health. This is especially crucial for older adults. exercise and any form of physical activity enables you to enjoy life more. Older adults are able to stay independent and delay having to rely on others for their livelihoods by being active. Regular exercise over a long period provides long-term health benefits. This is the reason many physicians advice everyone to stay active every day. Exercise produces hormones known as endorphins. These are also referred to as “feel good” hormones. This is because endorphins make you feel good. They are released in the body and helps relieve stress and improves mood. The more physical activity the more the mind feels happy and invigorated.

Good mental health can be obtained through proper number of hours of sleep. The body needs rest and so does the mind. This is why sleep is necessary. Lack of sleep can cause various problems. Lethargy or tiredness can cause the mind to slow and slack. This can be detrimental to the health of the mind, as well as, the body. The body and the mind requires at least 6 – 8 hours of sleep every day. This enables the body and the mind to relax and heal itself before beginning a new day.

Stress is another factor that affects a healthy mind. Stress can occur due to various reasons. This can be work-related stress, school-related stress, home-related stress etc. Stress can be bad for mental health. Therefore, every person should take the time to de-stress and relax as this improves a healthy mind.

Good mental health is necessary to enjoy life. It is necessary to live from day to day. Therefore, it is very important to eat right, exercise, get the right number of hours of sleep and keep stress at bay. This will ensure good mental health.